Friday, June 21, 2019


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Question- as a noun is pretty simple, right- to ask; wonder. But as a verb, to question almost infers something negative...and was something I grew up thinking was not okay.

Don't question my parents.
Don't question my teachers.
Don't question those in authority, like other family members, police or babysitters.
And definitely, don't question God.

In the last several years, I not only have become good at asking God questions- I no longer wonder if it is okay to do so. I don't question Him as if I know better than He does, in a disrespectful way; but I want to know.

I have questions (noun) that I am anxious for answers for- especially why my son couldn't accept our love? What is the purpose in his trauma? Why do some things have to be so hard?
Why do some people die in their sleep and others suffer greatly?

What on earth, made you love me so much?

Questions bring understanding. I want to understand God's plan and purpose for my life. I want my kids to question so they can understand not just the world around them, but the wonderful God we love and serve.

We don't get to know all the answers here, but I think we should all be okay with asking the questions. Jesus did- at least 135 questions he asked in the Bible- feel free to search them out.

Happy Friday y'all!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dear Daddy, Just Some Words!

Dear Daddy,

It's what's for Father's Day this year.

In thinking about what to get you, I was kind of at a loss this year. I've given you the perfect coffee mug, gift cards, suspenders, pictures, and many other perfect things for my Daddy who is so close in my heart, but so far away in miles.

The truth is, it gets harder and harder because through the years you've now gotten most anything you want. I mean seriously, does another grilling tool show love more than another item?

Maybe, but I decided to give you something that won't wear out or fade. I decided to give you words.

Thank you for being the first man I loved. It's no secret - anyone who knows me knows that I am a Daddy's girl.

One of my favorite memories from childhood is when you would read to us on Christmas Eve. I will also never forget the moving of the rock pile. I might not have all the details seared into my brain, but I remember moving the pile; and then immediately moving it back. The playhouse with real windows and floor that you built us still brings a smile when I think about it.

I did not like, ever, that you made us shut our bedroom door when we went to bed at night.

The divorce- is what it is. None of us are mistake free; and while it changed so much about our life; because of those changes my life is what it is today. Because we moved from Tennessee to Virginia, I met Rex. Because I met Rex, we gave birth to Shayne. And we adopted two boys. All, beautiful gifts from God; He is in control.

I remember standing hand in hand next to you at old fashion tent revival meetings; and going to church night after night for revival meetings. I often grab my son's hand during church and think of you. You taught me, at an early age that the foundation for life is God alone. Everything is built on our relationship with Him; and He forgives us, strengthens us and loves us unconditionally. That foundation has helped me stand through some difficult storms of life.

Having to return the stolen Luden's cherry cough drops to the lady working the register at Cherokee Market, with an apology, also left an impression on a little girl that stealing is never worth it.
Thank you, Daddy.

You taught me that writing in my Bible is okay- dates, short notes, definitions- all leave a road map for my kids and anyone else who picks up my Bible, just like picking up yours and flipping through the worn pages does for me.

You taught me to work hard and not make excuses, just do what needs to be done. It might be your fault that I'm not good at sitting and doing nothing.

You taught me to cook a turkey and fry chicken- a little Tennessee Sunshine is the perfect secret and what every cook needs in their kitchen.

You also taught me to be fine. Every day is a good day and complaining is a waste of time, so focus on the positive things. So much of life is how we look at it.

You're a glass full kind of guy, and that helps me to be a glass full kind of girl.
Thank you, Daddy.

I don't think you have any idea how well respected and loved you are. I see it, on our trips to visit, even sitting in the Cracker Barrel.  The way you put people at ease, bring a smile by your kind words- you have a way of making everyone you come in contact with, feel important. Not everyone has that ability, Daddy.

I never wondered if you loved me.

I hate that we are separated by so many miles and I don't get to see you more often; but I am thankful that you are such a huge part of my life and I can still talk to you often, just hearing your voice brings comfort- and your hugs are worth the several hours in the car for.

Thank you Daddy for your love and support, guidance and wisdom through the years. I'm so grateful for you!

Daddy, I love you so much!
Happy Father's Day!

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