Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hey Handsome...It's Your First Birthday!

Some of my first words to him were Hey Handsome.  They stuck.  It's usually how I greet him. His Pappy calls him Roscoe, Penelope calls him Bud-Bud or Si-Si.  I'm not sure if he knows what his real name is yet (kidding). 

He is beyond a doubt the most precious baby boy.  

He was born at the perfect time but also a time when our world was kind of falling apart. Poor baby never got a welcome to the world blogpost.  I feel like I missed the first few months of his life, because his Pappy and I were neck deep in surviving trauma parenting.  

He is teaching me so much. And while I wish I could soothe him to sleep anytime he was tired(and about the only one besides his Momma/Daddy who can) I know and encourage his need for his Momma. I can see the "Circle of Attachment" work the way it should so I am the first person to hand this sweet baby boy over to his Momma when he cries for her. 

We are making up for lost time with this little guy and he just keeps bringing the happy. We pray you grow into a Man of God who loves your family and works hard, much like your Daddy. And your Pappy.  You have good examples to follow, sweet boy.

Happy First Birthday Silas- you are perfect for us and we love you BIG! 

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