Friday, September 28, 2018

FMF: Potential

Five Minute Friday...writers taking five.  Just five, minutes that is, each week to write our thoughts on the prompt assigned.  This weeks topic is potential.


- someone or something considered a worthwhile possibility

I saw a picture today about recycling- she had taken what looked like a water bottle that had been made into a small purse.

So many Face book posts from  a couple who have been waiting and praying for their future adopted child.  Today was the day for the placement.

The look on his sweet face when he bit into the chocolate chip cookie that he happened upon, it was clear that he enjoyed every crumb.  At nine-months old, he knew its worth.

First Cookie 

Whether it is the sweeping of a porch, clearing debris from so much rain so it can be enjoyed again, or the prayers for a son who is not able, at least for now to live at home.

Potential is all around us. Sometimes we see it like a flashing light and we can't miss it, the new job that found you, a new house, a new love relationship. But other times, it is subtle and we have to search for it to find it.

Whatever your situation today, from loving a special child, finding a sweet treat or making new things out of trash, keep looking for the worthwhile possibility- you might just be the potential game changer.


Happy Friday y'all,

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