Tuesday, June 28, 2016

30 Years-30 Memories!

Today Rex and I celebrate 30 years of being Mr. & Mrs.  His & Hers.  Rex & Robin.  Hot & Cold. Right & Wrong.  Happy & Sad.  Determined and Discouraged.

30 years as One.

We're headed to Texas next week for our anniversary get-away.  Dallas has been on our bucket list for a long time and we are pretty excited to go.  But, with the upcoming trip there were no gifts tonight, at least not the ones you buy.

We went to dinner and decided it would be fun to list out a memory for each year.

Me and Rex 30 years and counting 

napkins, pay stub, deposit receipts-got paper? 

Remember that time when

-you chewed an entire 17-stick pack of gum while I was in labor with Shayne?
-we were moving a couch in the trunk of our car at 11pm, and it fell out right in front of the bar on Day Avenue?
-we sat in a counselor's office fearing our marriage wouldn't survive the stress of special needs parenting, and learning then that weekends away, just the two of us, weren't selfish but crucial?
-we painted the Buena Vista house with oil based paint and it smelled so bad we couldn't sleep in the house?
-we got naughty in the back of the pick-up truck, that didn't belong to us?
-you came to see me when I was in rehab and I had three shirts on because it was so cold?
-we celebrated our 28th anniversary on our son's wedding day?
-we picked our two youngest sons up at the hospital and brought them home, unknowing how our lives would forever change?
-you cried at our wedding? I knew you were a keeper, a man with a heart.
-I got accused of killing Angie's rabbit and then had to bury it?
-we went for a walk and got caught in the pouring rain- your mom insisted on putting my clothes in the dryer before I went home.
-you cut the hose on the kitchen sink sprayer because you didn't like how it looked and water started spraying everywhere?
-I asked you if there was a beach in Tennessee and you said you weren't sure?
-you hung outdoor Christmas lights in your underwear-again!
-I locked you outside on the porch in your bra and underwear?
-I drove my red, 1974 Chevrolet Caprice to pick you up for our dates?
-we went to see the movie Ghost, and came home and sat on the couch and prayed together when you accepted Jesus as your Savior- what a precious night!
-we moved, again and again and.....
-you fed my Dad his last meal because you were his "little horse if you never won a race"?
-we visited your grandparents and she made spaghetti with ketchup and we giggled into our pillows late into the night?
-we became grandparents and the indescribable joy of loving our girls?
-we went to the grocery store for the first time and spent $300+ but had nothing that we could cook for a meal?
-you got into a car with an old man mistaking his car for ours?
-we drove the yellow bananna- Chevrolet Malibu- for more than two months with the power steering out because we couldn't afford to get it fixed?
-we took all the furniture out of two rooms in our house so we could set up restaurant style seating, to serve our family homemade chili for dinner as their Christmas gift?
-Brad and Keith erased your blackboard?
-we drove to Florida the first time and stayed in a crappy hotel with red "blood" or "paint" (depending on who is remembering) on the floor- not knowing that in the off season the nice hotels are as cheap as the crappy ones?
-Danny died.  We had no idea what to do so we just held each other and cried. for hours. for days. for weeks. for months.
-you chased the self-propelled runaway lawn mower into the street during rush hour traffic?
-you were a tiny size 6 and I bought you a size 42 teddy as a surprise?

Once we started, the memories just kept coming but we stopped writing them down at 30 with two exceptions- a favorite thing about being Mr. & Mrs. - no kids, no people, just us.

Rex said his was moving to a new town and not knowing anybody but each other.
Mine was how I feel safe and comfy with Rex's arm around me or his hand in mine no matter where we are. It's truly my happy place, even better than the sea.  

After dinner we walked around Kirkland's and goofed off a bit.  Couldn't help taking a selfie with this one.

Truth follows us wherever we go

Happy Anniversary Honey!
So thankful to be blessed beyond measure with you.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day, Honey!

small boys become big men, through the influence of big men who care about small boys

I knew being a dad was something you wanted from the earliest talks we had. 
Our plan and timing for a family was different than God's.  
We cried a lot. 
We waited. 
And while we waited- you loved others- nieces, nephews, cousins, kids of friends-as if they were your own. 

And then, God gave us this guy. 

And while you never liked playing football in the backyard or working on cars.  You broke the stereo-typical molds the world assigns and taught him how to look people in the eye, grasp their hand and let them know they were noticed.  You taught him that there is nothing "sissy" about helping your wife take care of the home.  You taught him that sometimes it's okay for grown men to cry. 

You taught him so much more than I even know.  

And then, you taught him to love unconditionally in the hard by your example. 

And you started protecting and teaching these two in the same way.  Only the task was much greater.  And the days much longer.  
And the light not always visible. 

 But still, you loved right through the hard.  And the sleepless nights.  And the unknown tomorrows.  You held on with everything in you to influence our small boys.  

And our sons are better for having you as their Daddy- because you balance the lessons of life with laughter and silliness.  When I'm all about the rules, you remind us all that sometimes you just have to laugh.

But most important, you live out your faith in front of them.
So keep playing.
Keep laughing.
Keep letting them climb in your lap and sleep next to you on the floor.
Keep showering your oldest with encouragement as he is now influencing little girls who call him Daddy.

"Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song." -Pam Brown

Rex, please keep being the man, extraordinary, who turned by God's love is your kid's hero- keep telling the the story of Jesus.  Keep singing of His grace.

Because at the end of the day, the greatest Dad ever is the one who gives us hope.
Thanks for pointing your boys to Jesus, not just by your words but by your life- flawed and forgiven.

Happy Father's Day Rex!
I love you and am so proud of the Dad you are.

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