Sunday, February 7, 2016

13 months- Celebrating Penelope!

 Penelope, Happy Birthday!

Penelope Ryan Allen 
You have brought more joy to our lives than we thought possible.  I just need to say that first, because one day you're gonna be like-

"Grammie, how come you didn't write about my first birthday on my birthday?  What was up with that?"

Well sweet girl, there was a lot going on the month of your birthday.  You were actually very, very sick with C-Diff.  Unfortunately, so were the rest of us, with cough and colds that started at Christmas and still linger, your Mommy having pneumonia, and your bacterial infection, the Allen family has been a hot mess.  Did I mention some renovations at your house and ours and a huge snowstorm?

January 7, 2016- your birthday was on a Thursday.  Knowing your party would be on Saturday we (as in us, your Mommy, Daddy & sister) kept it low-key but every birthday girl has to have a cake, right.  So,  we got you a special cupcake and we all had dinner at home.

You were a champ- but definitely not yourself.

Such a girly girl who just didn't like the feel on your hands.  We wondered if you would like your smash cake a little better at your party.  

Your party was at our house but since you were still pretty sick and your sister woke up that morning with the pukes we wondered if  we might have to postpone; but since it was small and intimate group of people we went on with the plan.  Thankfully Kendall felt better around the time guests started arriving and it looked like it was more from congestion crud than a stomach bug. Several cups of punch and pizza confirmed she was better.  

The menu, chips and pizza, actually one of your favorites.  The crust at least.  

You, sweet baby girl looked absolutely beautiful.  

You wanted the elephant head before your Daddy could get it put together.  It was definitely one of your favorites that day. 

We tried again with the cake..... 

And again, you just was not having it.  Most importantly, you were surrounded by the people who love you the most, for sure. 

So here we are a month later and today now 13 months old.  It's hard to believe because it's going by so quickly. 

Can I tell you a secret?   I was so worried that when you were born I might not get to love on you often.  I am thankful, and so is your Pappy that your Mommy and Daddy share you and your sister with us frequently. I just can't imagine not being part of your life.  We look forward to your face, and jabbers, and when you lay your head on our shoulders and we feel your tiny hand patting our backs... well, I think sometimes my heart skips some beats.  

You are beautiful like your Mommy- but still look like your Daddy so much.  You act like him too. You want to move and explore and go, go, go!  You have fought sleep since the day you were born but if you get on Pappy's shoulder and he starts singing, you lose your fight and nestle up on his neck and sleep peacefully every time. 

You love to eat. We tease that you can smell it before we get it out.  Your Daddy calls you "Bucky Bandit"- your two front teeth are coming in with a little gap and you sneak up and grab all sorts of things and take off.  You're still so tiny so watching you walk across the room is almost like our minds are playing tricks on us.  

You want to talk. Desperately.  You jabber and jabber and it's so darn cute. There are a few jarbled sounds that resemble words- including your version of Grammie.  It's not just me, ask Pappy or your Mommy- they've heard you say it.  It sure makes me happy. 

But no worry, communication isn't a problem.  You take your little arm - raise it in the air, point your finger and "gla, giel, gla, gleee, glllll" until we respond and when we get it right, you kick your foot against our hips as if to say "good job" and that grin.  Oh, that grin.  

One of the things you point to, frequently is my cell phone.  I put an infant game on it months ago and you know it's there.  The problem is, you're so smart you know that pushing the button at the bottom makes things happen, and you hold the phone in your little hands and swipe the screens as if you've been using a smart phone all your life (wink) and then get mad because the game goes away.  

Your other favorite thing is climbing our stairs.  If we leave the gate down, you are at those steps in a flash.  You can crawl up them, even though your legs aren't long enough to actually walk up them. The problem is, you have no idea how to get down. 

So we just keep following you up them... because it makes you happy.

You love your uncles as much as they love you.  It's your face on their screensaver, They worry about what you play with and what you can eat.  They love to pick you up and snuggle.  And seeing you curl your little hand around their necks is one of the sweetest things ever.   And I chuckle, because I know it won't be long and you'll be rocking their world, messing in the Legos, crayons and banging on the drums.

Thank you for reminding us of the joy we had when we held your Daddy; for taking us back to those moments we thought would never be repeated.  Thank you for crying for us when we leave the room. Thank you for letting us love you, kiss you, waller you, take endless pictures of you, carry you around when you'd rather be exploring, and forgiving us when we force you into sleep.

I hope you grow up knowing how much we love you but I pray, more than anything that you will one day fully know how much God loves you and believe that you are wonderfully made, perfect in His eyes and so precious that He sent His only Son to die for you.

Grammie loves you so much, and if you'll forgive me for being late I promise to keep sharing my   Diet Coke with you.

Happy Sunday y'all!

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