Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kendall Grace is Three.

Today's post is all about our baby girl.

We've all heard the phrase- "If I'd known grand kids were so much fun, I would've had them first"

If you aren't there yet, I'm sorry.  You may still be like, seriously?

I totally get it now. It's true.  Sorry Shayne, Elijah and Isaiah.

There is just something awesome about watching, playing with, loving on, feeding whatever you want including chocolate milk and gummy bears anytime day or night, spoiling rotten, buying clothes she may only wear once and then- sending home a squeezable, loveable human being- that I am not responsible to raise.

We met her the first time when she was about 8 months old.  She didn't like us, at all.  She cried when we talked to her.  We fell hard.

She wasn't quiet two when her mommy married my son, and she officially became our first granddaughter.  By this time, she had branded her place in our hearts and we were starting to find a place in hers.

They say you don't find love, it finds you.

Kendall- you are an amazing little person. I know all grand children are the smartest ever, but you amaze me with your extensive vocabulary and understanding of things beyond your years.  There's so much about you that I absolutely adore, but here's a few of my favorites.

  • You refuse to wear anything in your hair (except that one day when you were being like Delaney) so your oh so shiny locks are almost always in your face- you could care less. And when I tried, you looked at me like I had lost my mind for thinking that you would ever. So yes, I'm wearing the cute headbands and clips for you.  
  • You love to be barefooted, and haven't yet met a surface that could slow you down or sway you from ditching your shoes - you have to have the toughest little feet ever. If you want to get away, just head for the gravel when I am barefooted, and you'll definitely leave me in your dust. 
  • You enjoy girly things, painting your toenails, playing in my jewelry, high-heels and makeup= to name a few, but getting into mine is your favorite.  You make my heart happy when you insist that you sit on my lap and we put makeup on together. 
  • Gardening.  I plant the flowers, you pick them.  But you following me around when I'm working in the yard, with your own gardening set and water bucket is one of my favorite things.  One day, you'll get the water on the flowers and not the sidewalk, rockers, driveway, dirt, mulch and your Mommy's feet.  Until then, just keep following me around. 
  • Kitchen time.  You enjoy helping me bake cookies and cupcakes and whatever else is being mixed up.  And oh my,  we are in trouble when you can't find your stool. You find new and exciting uses for my kitchen gadgets and utensils, so I'm always learning from you. 

I love how your 's' comes out as a 'd' and never will we forget your infamous "kuuuk" at us when you get mad, or embarrassed.

There's nothing like your strong hugs and "I ludge you Grammie"  at the most unexpected times- because it's what is in your heart and it spills out.  I  pray that you never get tired of wanting to come to my house or go "dopping" with me at the "dore,"

You can hold your own with your uncles (who also adore you) which means you can grab a Nerf gun, baseball bat or football and have a blast.

Pappy- girl you have him wrapped. But you already know that, don't you?

Kendall Grace, keep your fire, enthusiasm and excitement for the simple things like sunshine and sand. Keep asking to "pray" and watching to make sure that we do.

Mostly, remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the one who loves you most.

We thank God that love found us in a tiny ball of fire named Kendall, and her Mommy- Emily. We are so blessed to be your grandparents-we love..you..more.

Happy 3rd Birthday, baby girl.

a.k.a. Grammie

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