Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Penelope- You are Loved!

Today was a life-changer.  In the best sort of way. 
A 6 lb 1 oz. bundle of heaven on earth sort of way.

I usually have a lot of words- and I could go on and on about the feelings rushing through these veins.  

nothing like a Mother's love
photo credit Shayne Allen


And when life mimics itself- like it did today- when the waiting and seeing and holding and smelling and listening take you back to the exact time your own child was born- and you see said child experience everything that has made every.single.second.of.parenting.them worth it in the first glance, the overwhelming love and sharing of husband and wife- son and daughter-in-love as they welcome their new little one- well people there is just nothing like watching your child, hold their child.
Instant Love-got Daddy wrapped already

Try as I might, there's just not enough time, for all the words.

Grammie holding her the first time

So, I'll just let the images do the talking. 

Sisters meeting

Three Generations
Beautiful Mommy, Penelope & me.  I'm blessed.
Pappy was a little happy, don't you think?  

radiant smile

Maybe not enough words. 

chest to chest with Daddy- this is the picture that made me cry
photo credit Shayne Allen

Penelope you are most loved and blessed to be born to your Mommy and Daddy.  We are blessed to get to tag along to your miracle and be your Grammie and Pappy. 

shamelessly proud and thankful grandparents

We promise to make you proud (if you can forgive us for being a little loud)

abundantly blessed
photo credit Emily Allen

Welcome to the world Penelope! 
World, be jealous-it's okay just this once.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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