Thursday, November 6, 2014

He's a College Grad.

Son. College Student. Husband. Daddy. Graduate. Provider.

He's the kind of guy who wanted to do everything early.  Crawl, walk, grow up.  He wanted to be an adult almost before he could walk, it seemed.  He's the kind of kid parents dream of and in our case, prayed for desperately.

I knew when he left for school last year, that he would do great, mostly because when Shayne decides to do something he does it with everything he has.
He proved us right, when right off the bat he earned his first of four Student of the Course designations.

Along the way, he fell in love with Emily.  He proposed to her just before Christmas 2013- and people wondered if he'd quit school.  Long distance love isn't easy to do.

He didn't.  He kept excelling.  And working.

In June, he married Emily and became Kendall's Daddy.  It would be tempting to quit school - to prove some skeptics right- but he kept going.  Even, doubling up on classes for six weeks- attending nearly 14 hours daily in those six weeks to graduate early and get home to his wife, daughter and baby on the way.

Not content to graduate without full-time employment in place to provide for his family- he started interviewing in September.  He was offered a job at Valley BMW, but declined it so he could accept an automotive technician position at Auto Wizard.  Thankful God provided him an excellent job in Roanoke.

Today- it all paid off with his graduation ceremony. What a joy to see him walk across the stage and accept his diploma with his daughter jabbering about "Daddy graduating".

It was a great day of celebration- and we're so proud of our son and the man he is.

Accepting his diploma

Shayne, Emily & Kendall 

enough of the cap 


they're so cute 

Rex, me, Shayne, Emily & Kendall 

proud parents

and we're 'outta here 

It's exhausting cheering Daddy on

Congratulations Shayne! 
Happy 20th Birthday Emily! 

Love you Both, more! 

Happy Thursday y'all!

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