Thursday, July 10, 2014

It Was The Ring That Got Me!

June 28th.

My first born changed his life forever.  He took vows to love Emily for the rest of his life.  And she vowed to love him for the rest of hers.  Privately - at Camp Eagle in Fincastle, VA... a special place to Shayne. Married by a special man and mentor in his life.  Captured by a special friend.  

The day was as close to perfect as you get.  And as we knew she would, Mary captured the beauty, ease and intimacy of the morning, the wedding and then just kept capturing memories when the young Mr. & Mrs. Allen came home to party with family and friends.  

It was a beautiful way to celebrate our own 28th Anniversary.  

Surprising, his Daddy cried more than I did.  Unless I looked at Teri, I kept it together until I saw that ring. On his hand- the hand with the then tiny fingers curled around mine minutes after he was born. The hand with the fingers that just hours before his wedding, still curled up when he slept just like they had since the first hours of his life.  Those fingers that curled around baseball bats and GI Joe's and air soft rifles and basketballs. Fingers curled around sippy cups and hammers etched in my mind FOREVER----now curled around a ring that tells the world he is hers. And the power of that vow all wrapped up in the ring, on that hand.  Well, that's when this momma got all choked up- and two weeks later it still gets me.  Every time.

Emily,  I prayed for you before you were even born.  Before Shayne was born I started praying for his future wife.  More than beautiful, which you are- and funny, which you are- and loving to him, which you are- I prayed that his wife would love Jesus. And I know you do.  

I'm so happy you're my girl too. 

We love you and are looking forward to loving you, FOREVER! 

Congratulations Shayne & Emily! 

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