Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When I rise.

In the morning when I rise....

This song has been playing in my head for weeks (yes it's been that long since I've put thought to keys and I miss you).

I find healing in music-especially music that takes me to Jesus.  

In the last few months when it seems like everything in our world has been shaky- Jesus has been my rock. He is perfecting all that concerns me- not to be confused with Him making my journey perfect (Psalm 138).  

I'm beginning to really understand what it means for Him to be my everything.  (I hope He don't mind I'm a slow learner, it's only been 35 years so far) 
So this week, as I've drove my boys a little crazy with the constant repeating of the phrase- I got a great idea.   

And since I wasn't shriveled up in a corner waving the white flag of surrender, I felt motivated and got busy.  

a little stain, a little water, a foam brush and my $2 purchased piece of wood 

 a Word doc as my stencil, a sharp blade and a sharpie to outline before painting the letters in black acrylic 

and I finished a DIY project 

And so I don't forget each morning that you really can have all this world, it's above the door to my living room (ain't that appropriate) as a reminder to me and all who visit what's really important for the journey. 

If you're not familiar with Give Me Jesus, check it out below. 

Happy rising y'all!
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