Tuesday, March 4, 2014

They Decided on Forever.

This handsome guy is my son, Shayne 
this beautiful girl is Emily

he swept her off of her feet

and she captured his heart

 God grew in them a love for each other 
so he asked her to be his wife

and she said she would 
and this is Kendall, Emily's daughter 
she also captured his heart 
and he loves her too

so they dance in the sunshine dreaming of the day they will wed
and become the Allen family 

The plans have begun and excitement is in the air as we look forward to their June 28, 2014 wedding and the reception celebration with family and friends who have supported and encouraged them to be the amazing people they are.

We're so excited to welcome Emily and Kendall into our family.
Finally Allen girls, and two at once, how cool is that?

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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