Thursday, January 9, 2014

The power of a Thank You- note.

It's been on my to-do list for month's.  

Thank You notes. 

I owe them to a bunch of people.  People who brought meals, gave rides, watched the boys and visited me at the hospital.  

Every day I look at the list and know that I need to get on it, but put it off another day just until I can wrap my head around it and focus.  Anesthesia does something to my focus.  And then I wonder,   

Does a handwritten thank-you note matter? 
After all, we say thank-you at the time of the act or gift, right? 

And then, in the midst of my guilt and wonder, I got it. 

A hand written thank you note from my surgeon.  Yes, my surgeon.  A beautiful expression of gratitude for a few sugar cookies.  

Uh, wow. 

They do matter.

Then I started wondering - when do you send, or not send a written Thank-You?  So I went straight to the Internet, and thankfully,  Emily Post has the answers.   

So, if you're in doubt, go ahead and send a note.  It might just make someone's day.

Guess I better get busy. 

Happy Thursday y'all! 

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