Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's. Just. Get. Over. Ourselves.

Today, I became aware of another family crumbling in the wake of divorce. It makes my heart sad.  And my heart was already sad to the brim- with the recent choices of a family member to walk away.  To leave the life and the people once promised to love until death.  It's almost more than I can stand.

I thought on it today and couldn't wait to get to the keyboard to pound out my frustration.

Oh, I know that marriage isn't all about the puppy love eyes and giggles and talking all night long.   I know it takes two-  two committed to the hard so they get to enjoy the good.  Two keeping promises to love- for better and for worse.  Two sticking it out in good times and in bad.  When we marry, we make promises- vows because this marriage thing was never promised easy.  My heart breaks for the one who is committed, who wants to keep the promise and stick it out- the one who is left to pick up the pieces because the other half of the two walks away for a new start.

So why do people who promised they do, don't?

Why do I get frustrated and angry at the man God blessed me with nearly 28 years ago?  Why do I struggle to put him and his needs first, before my own.  Why do I get lazy with my good intentions to adore him?

My sister sums it up best today in her own thoughts on this epidemic of marriage quitters.  She calls it
the ripple effect.  I don't know that I can write my own thoughts better than she did, so I encourage you to hop on over and check it out.

I don't have a daughter who explained her Daddy moved out, I was the daughter.  The ripple that started all those years ago still has effects on my life today.

So, back to that question of why people don't?  Why I don't succeed most days at being the Godly wife I'm called to be?

Selfish.  We start thinking it's about us.

So, in the words of my sister- let's all just get over ourselves!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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