Saturday, November 2, 2013

Biddy Bowl November 2 2013

It was a gorgeous day for football.
Isaiah's first Biddy Bowl. 
His first time being introduced and his tackles announced.
His first time playing on a field that wasn't grass.    

Introducing South City Warriors, Isaiah Allen#20

Touch Down- love the ball in the air

oh yea, that's my baby doing the back bend

and now a little flip

always with the shoe laces

not so fast you...

taking him down

another tackle by #20, Isaiah Allen

saying hi to Uncle Keith at half time

I love this one.

and back at it

taking on the big boys

receiving his medal, which he pronounces "middle" cause he is just that cute

so big and so small


getting some of this proud mommy's lovin'

team photo- mean faces

we're number 1

what just happened here?

don't ever grow up, okay?
Happy Saturday y'all!

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