Sunday, November 10, 2013

And the (NON load bearing) wall came tumbling down- for good.

We recently knocked a wall out in our house. 
Partly, because we could.
Mostly, because we love have family and friends over and we wanted a room big enough for everyone to be in one place.

Some of the project was a bit shocking.  Like finding out the built in cabinet I loved wasn't built in at all.  That some of the ceiling had new drywall, some of the walls were thicker than others and the floor was completely uneven between the two rooms.  Oh, and that one piece of knob and tube we found hidden in the wall...

... old Farmhouse charm. 

during, dining room facing den- loved the plaster between the boards

during, den side facing dining room


We are still cleaning dust from every other inch of the house.  How it got upstairs, I don't know.

peek-a-boo I see through you
the process ain't pretty people

doorway to bedroom- gone, drywall going up
before, from den facing dining room (left of door)
before, from den facing dining room (right of door- at office)
 We like the soft copper paint color, so we repeated it in the new room

after, from edge of office door facing kitchen
before, from kitchen looking through dining room into den (open doorway to bedroom
and can barely see basement doorway far right) 
after, couch is where wall and doorway to bedroom was- basement door where it always was 

after, another picture from kitchen doorway

after, from basement door facing bathroom door and kitchen on left

It was a good decision and we are glad we did it.. just in time for Christmas sleepovers!

And thank you Adam Ayers who did a most excellent job - working nights and weekends to finish this mega project in two weeks.

Happy Sunday y'all!

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