Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recon Redo- Main Surgery

It's been a week since I got home from the hospital.

The surgery went well.  My surgeon says it's the hardest part but I don't agree. Being put to sleep is the easy part in my book, the hardest part is waking up and facing the recovery.  Not just the healing part, but the being still and not doing part. 
The first few days are pretty much a blur- filled with really good pain meds, very little movement and from what I'm told,  me entertaining my nurses, friends and family with all sorts of great truth and made up lies about puppies.  Did I mention the really good pain meds?

Coming home is always a mix of thank goodness and figuring out the basics. How to get comfy- where to sleep.  Where I can be part of chaos without it swallowing me up. 

For days I felt a little like a Christmas tree adorned with colorful bruises and hanging ornaments (JP Drains).  Did I mention the hard part?  There is something unnatural and a little depressing seeing your body look a bit like a war zone.  I look in the mirror with disgust. Rex lovingly reminded me that this is not the end, it's just the beginning and we're not done. Recon is a work in progress and isn't completed with one surgery.   What I see now is not what will be, this is a journey. Have I mentioned how blessed I am to have him?  

I can't help but wonder if, when God looks at us He shakes His head in disgust at the war zone we create for ourselves.  He sees the holes and scars- swollen and battered bodies because we are still His work in progress.  Our relationship with Him is a faith journey.

Aren't you glad that He doesn't give up on us when He sees us in this "in progress" state. I sure am.

I had my first post-op visit yesterday.  He said I'm doing great- and was able to take out ALL the stitches.  The doctor was able to take both drains on my right side out- he said that never happens.  I told him I had a lot of people praying.  I don't think he knew how to respond- he just smiled.  Only one drain came out on the left, so my friend, #4 will be hanging around with me for at least another week. 

Other than him fussing at me for stopping the pain meds and "doing too much" it was a very good first visit.  He says I'm rushing it. 

I was physically unable to list my arms the first few weeks after my surgery 10 years ago, so I guess because I can move my arms this time I confused that with being allowed too. Did I mention the hard part?

We are so blessed and grateful for the prayers and support of our friends, family and VHBC Life's Journey Sunday School and church family. The meals, sweet gifts and notes of encouragement are huge.  And our rocks- well, you know who you are.  Thank you! Please know that if I don't respond immediately to a FB note, email, phone call or message it is not that I don't love and appreciate you. 

I'm still feeling a little spacey extremely tired and my focus is still a little off - I've been known to fall asleep with phone in hand between likes :)

Week one down, let's take on week two---- within my guidelines, of course!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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