Friday, September 6, 2013


It's Friday. One of my favorite writing days, because it's writing with abandon.  Free writing with Lisa-Jo Baker and encouragement and good reading with friends I've never met. 


Red was never my favorite color. I used to be afraid to wear the color red because it demands notice.  Whether it's bright red hair, a spring jacket or really fun shoes- if you walk into a room with red on, somebody is gonna look. And you used to never catch me in red lipstick or nail polish- that was just plain floozy. 

RED- it's fiery and hot like the color of a face who realizes her skirt has fallen down or angered to boiling over the treatment of her son.

RED-it demands to be noticed- and gets attention like the cherry red Ferrari Isaiah dreams of, the check marks on school work or those red circles that scream Target.

RED- is bright and full of life- like blood that trickles from a skinned up knee or the transfusion giving new life to a frail and sick body.

And I can't think of red without hearing the songs about Jesus play in my head... Oh, the blood of Jesus, Oh, the blood of Jesus. 

Maybe it's age, wisdom or just not caring what people think about me anymore but I'm liking red more and more.  I recently bought a red denim jacket- yes I look like a flag when I wear it- but it makes me happy- almost feels like a transfusion when I put it on.  I feel energized.  That red nail polish and lipstick- it's my husband's favorite.

So go on- don't be intimidated by the red.  Go get you some!
Be  Inc (RED) ible!

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Oh my, I think you wrote the post I wanted to write! Seriously, I had the same thoughts, I even have a red denim jacket!, but I couldn't work it out in my thoughts. Good thing, because you did a great job with it. And your post is before mine which led me here. Thanks Robin!

    1. Thanks- sometimes when I read these Friday posts I feel the same way- amazing how we are so connected but never met. Next step- buy a red dress.

  2. I love this! Yes, you are right, some are ideas were similar. The older I get and the more I don't care as much about what others think...the more I appreciate red. Nice thoughts.

    1. Thanks Eileen for stopping by. I guess age brings more than just wrinkles :)

  3. love that last line about it being In (RED) iable. thanks so much for sharing and i love your banner picture or whatever you call it. you have a beautiful family :)

    Stopping by from FMF.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


    1. Thanks Jessica for your sweet compliments, glad you stopped by.


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