Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who gets us in the divorce?

someone will.  but who? 

we are your friends.  we are your family. 

we're the ones who love you both more than you realize.  

we're the ones who are getting both sides of the story and our hearts are breaking for yours.

we're the ones who now- instead of just calling y'all with news- have to stop and decide who to call first.

we're the ones who- while it seems like it won't matter to us- it will.

we are affected.
we are sad.

we too, have kids who don't understand.

we want both of you at the party's, the ballgames, the graduations, the weddings. 

we all know it won't be the same. 

one of you- whether written or not-  will get us in the settlement.  the other, will slowly fade from our lives.

when you decide who's paying the mortgage, who gets the lawnmower and who gets to keep the picture albums- decide who gets to keep us.

we can't choose, we won't choose.  but we all know that eventually someone wins the friends. someone gets to keep the family.

so if you must divorce and you won't fight for yourselves-

fight for us.

because we don't want a divorce from you...

it's Wednesday y'all!

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