Friday, August 16, 2013

Trading in the Work Boots.

Shayne's been working for a while now- starting as a "sewer rat" at Camp Eagle when he was 14.  He worked hard and he worked long hours.  He grew to appreciate love T-shirts, dirty jeans and his work boots. 

He wears them everywhere, including church. We even had to beg him so he wouldn't take them to the beach--and he talked about them the whole week.

Yesterday, Shayne ended his fourth summer at Camp Eagle. The door on joining the Marine Corp shut when he got an infection around his heart.  He is fine, but it was a disqualifier for the corp.  Unsure where God would lead, he has been praying all summer for a job.

And today, he started what we're calling his "grown-up" job. 

He could have taken a few days off but no, not Shayne- he wasted no time getting started.  

Shayne on his first day at Ntelos

Today, Ntelos gained an awesome employee.  I know I'm bragging, but it's my blog so I can.

Sales Rep's don't usually have steel toe work boots in their dress code, so he is trading in his Carhartt's and work boots for nice pants and dress shoes.  

Don't be fooled. 
You can take the man out of the boots, but not for too long.  
He had them back on his feet as soon as he got home.  That's my boy!

Happy Thursday y'all!

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