Monday, August 19, 2013

I'll take Grade 2 and Grade 3 for a year, please!

Isaiah was up and ready at 6:20 a.m.- Eli was not.
Isaiah was anxious to see Rosie, his girlfriend.  He has missed her so much this summer.
Eli informed him that he shouldn't be worried about a girlfriend, that he (Eli) didn't even have one and he is older.

Isaiah told him it was okay "there is time"

I am excited for them because they are so excited, but admit that the crazy "school knot" in the pit of my stomach started tightening up about midnight last night.  Our experience with Roanoke City schools has been much better than we had in the county, so I'm praying that this year is even better than last- and maybe by next summer, the knot will be completely gone.  If we can just keep them on the bus and in school without any suspensions, I'll be a happy momma for sure!

Isaiah started getting ready yesterday.

Eli was all smiles when he came downstairs this morning

breakfast of champions... scrambled eggs and bacon with a side of the Hub

the name Elijah has asked to use going forward


Shayne picked out their shoes for them- a surprise last night.
"sweeeet" according to Isaiah

Welcome Back

ready or not, here they come

Eli and Isaiah- getting ready to take on the new year
We heard Erica on Spirit FM last week talk about how for back to school prayers for her own kids, she prays for them to have at least 2 lunch friends.  My boys heard that and thought it was a good idea, so we've been praying for several days that they too would have at least 2 friends the first day of school that they felt comfortable with, enjoyed being around and could eat lunch with every day.   
Since we were out tonight celebrating our friend Cheryl's birthday and Shayne had them in bed when we got home, I don't know how their first day went or if they had the two friends we've prayed for.  I'll keep you posted.
Happy Monday y'all!

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