Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I celebrate the day I was born.

29 years ago.

Yes, I'm telling my real age- give or take a decade or more.

The boys sang to me bright and early.  And then they argued over a $1 until I corralled them into the van for school.

Then my Daddy called to wish me a Happy Day.  I love being his favorite daughter in VA.

It was a very normal day- so much so I was completely lazy and didn't shower or wash my hair- which is okay because I worked from home today

I treated myself to fancy lunch. From 7-11.  A hot dog and Big Gulp. 

And in the mailbox found a little package with my favorite soap and a new pair of earrings from my sister. 

And cards.  With checks.
Photo: How fun finding this in the mailbox...way better than bills....

And when work was done, I rearranged my living room.

My husband worked late tonight so I took the boys to football practice and then a fancy dinner - Arby's takeout. 

My phone dinged at me all day with happy wishes from my Face book friends.  Made me feel
p-r-e-t-t-y special- I didn't know that many people cared.

Teri and JJ came over after dinner just to hang out for a while.  It wouldn't be a birthday without them.  I was really glad we got to spend some time together... we both needed each other today.

Then Rex got home with Brownies and Chocolate covered strawberries.  And hugs. And my Shaynie gave me a sweet card that implied I am old obstacle... signed with his handwritten note that I'm the Best. I'm pretty sure he means I'm the best Mom- not the best old obstacle.

And that my friends, is how we do an uneventful birthday at 39.  Give or take a few years :)

Happy Thursday y'all!

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