Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunny Day visit with Momma.

While we were on vacation, Brenda, my sweet sister-in-law and partner in Alzheimer's care crime (that's a little humor) took on the task of moving Iris from assisted living to a nursing home. It was a difficult task and we felt bad we weren't here to help out.  But as always, Brenda handled it with grace and strength- and I was glad to help her tie up loose ends when we got home. 

As with a lot of things this year, this weekend was pretty tough on Rex and our family.  This is the first time since I met Iris- and the first Powell reunion that she wasn't able to go to. 

It still boggles my mind, how she can look me in the eye and not remember that I am the wife to her baby, Rex and the mother to the "tyrants he and Robin adopted" but can remember without recollection of time or date that it's the weekend of the reunion.  And,  remember to ask Betty about her sister Kitty when she visited with her later in the day. 

Knowing we wouldn't get to load her up and smuggle her in this year, bedroom shoes and all, we made the best of it with a family visit to her on Saturday.  She's been pretty tired and even getting her dressed was a 45 minute task- that was with me helping the CNA, maybe I was slowing her down.  Iris would smile through her daze and apologize for making us tired by having to work so hard. 

Since it was a beautiful day the courtyard was a great spot to catch up with her Shaynie.  Sunshine is good for the soul, right?  But even in the sunshine, hugs with Grandma bring tears and sadness for things that can be no more. 

And when we can't think of words of wisdom to make us feel better, we usually just call it like it is.  "it sucks"
(Sorry Aunt Nae, I know you hate it when I "cuss") 

It was a blessing to spend time with her on her own turf, but there was a void with each dinner out or piling in of people in living rooms across Roanoke that everyone felt but was almost afraid to talk about, as if our hearts would break simultaneously if we spoke it out loud. 

And Sunday, well let's just say there was a lot of extra family support in a town hall in Troutville- cause that what we do, and we do it good.  

.....still looking for a way to kick Alzheimer's butt.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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