Monday, July 29, 2013


Ready or not, here we come.


We'd like to call it normalcy, but we know that would be way.too.ambitious. 

We'll just call it boy stuff.

Elijah went to KJPAS camp a couple of weeks ago.  Loved it.  It loved him too.  He's taping his first commercial on August 16th for a Breast Cancer Awareness public service announcement.  With his love for drama, finally directed into a positive flow, we are expecting coaching sessions, rehearsals and music lessons, auditions and who knows what else.  It may last a month.  Or 80. 

Mom, you're back!

hanging out with his new friends


more singing

Elijah with Kevin.  Who is awesome, highly recommend KJPAS!

he wouldn't admit to missing us, I found proof.

Mighty handsome boy of mine.

Isaiah started football tonight.  Oh, I've missed my role as the crazy, excited, your Mommy's your biggest fan,  football days.  My adrenaline started pumping when I was meandering through the Under Armour shirts and tiny compression shorts in Dicks Sporting Goods.  Where, I found myself a mere hour before practice started because as a more mature biddy football momma, I totally forgot Isaiah needed cleats for practice.  Of course, when Elijah saw Isaiah's new cleats he too, wanted to play football. Or, really just wanted to whine because he wasn't.

push ups

leg lifts

moving those feet (really, he is)

getting some action

We are a team!

People, me included, get my boys confused.  They do look a like, but talk to them for more than a few minutes and you see their personalities are very different.  And what they like to do.  And what they don't.  So we're venturing into new territory- individuality.  We've talked about how God made us each different, and gives us different gifts and talents.  We're trying to teach them to be happy for each other, celebrate their differences and enjoy supporting the other.

So far, epic fail.  Sigh.

But we'll keep trying.

Happy Monday y'all!

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