Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It was the feet a tappin'

I'm behind on getting the millions of thoughts from my head to paper.  The computer has gone wacky, my cell phone won't upload my pictures, my kids are "out of sorts", we're still grieving and recovering from illnesses and parties and disappointments and life changing decisions and I'm flat worn out.  And I can't get my blog to look right either so ignore the ginormous photo, I'm working on it.

But,last week, my sweet mom-in-law turned 91.  Yep, 91.  So we went for a visit bearing gifts of course.  A spiffy new outfit and some new snazzy new shoes. 

(the picture of the shoes is still in some cellular phone black hole, so you'll just have to trust me, they are snazzy)

It was a good day.  She knew who had come to celebrate with her and that it was her birthday so we were excited when she immediately wanted to put the shoes on.  She couldn't really help, so I got down on the floor and pushed and tugged and slapped the bottom of her feet like I do my boys until both were on.  We laughed. 

Then, she wanted to go play Dale's music.  She asked me if I'd ever heard him sing before and proceeded to tell me how good he who she referred to as "that little booger" is.  (I had heard and I do know he's good but I played along)

I put in "Mommas Mix" for her and sat down on the squeaky bed, facing her.  As his music filled the room, she began to giggle. We talked about the familiar songs and her "Old Dog" a bit.  And as we did, I kept hearing a strange noise that I couldn't place.  I was enjoying her expressions and hadn't yet looked down, but when I did, I noticed it was the new shoes hitting against the floor - she was tappin' her feet.  In rhythm to the music as if she was dancing in her wheelchair.

I buried my head and watched her feet move.  She kept tappin' for about 10 minutes with her new little curved grin that melts your heart when she shares it.  I thought back to just a year ago when we danced in her living room on what would be the last night she would spend in her own home. 

It's been a difficult year of letting go of who she was and grabbing tight to memories and moments that we can keep- of who she is now. 

I'm not sure if it was her little booger, Dale's singing or the new shoes that put her in the toe tappin' mood.   But I was sure glad for the sweet sight of watching her tap those feet.

As the last song played I asked if I could take her picture, it being her 91st birthday and all it just seemed right. She agreed and asked me where she should sit. So cute since she was sitting in her wheelchair. 

I knelt down beside her and attempted a decent picture with my cell phone. 



She asked if it would be alright if she put her arm around me.  OF COURSE! As she slowly moved her hand to my shoulder she grabbed my hair and "fixed it" for me before resting her hand across my back.  Like being covered with a blanket on a cold day her embrace warmed me to my toes.  I miss that so much.

It was her birthday but she gave me the gift.  And with some help from the caregiver we even got a picture too. 

Iris and me, May 6, 2013
Happy 91st Birthday Iris. 
I heart you.
Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. Hi Robin, I'm Anne, Bonnie's niece. Great piece, beautifully written. And I like the ginormous pic.


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