Friday, May 31, 2013

FMF: Imagine

It's Friday. It's another five minutes of free writing with Lisa-Jo Baker.

It's a near perfect day.
The sun is shining and the allergies have stopped.  We can see and smell again.
I have time today to catch up on my writing and create the flyer for our family reunion. 
I go to the laundry room to get another load, and there isn't one.  The laundry is caught up.
I go to change the wet sheets from the night before, and they are dry.
I call the kids to dinner and they come.  Without yelling or fighting or tattling.
The meal includes everyone's favorite dish so there is no complaining.
The dog sits quietly at my feet and doesn't pee on my new carpet.
My teenager offers to do the dishes.
The evening news tells stories of hope and courage and truth and not one disaster has occurred yet today. 
My husband suggests a nice walk in the moonlight, just the two of us.

And then the "Mommy.... he said".... jars me from my imagination.  Life and laundry are calling my name.  

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Hilarious! Isn't that just what all us moms imagine perfection to be? At least until we see those sweet faces and hear those precious voices. Thanks for sharing today!

    1. thanks for visiting Holly- you're right, the sweet faces far outweigh the mounds of laundry, any day!

  2. And I bet that "Mommy" he said sounded better than anything you had imagined! Have a wonderful day. (And my puppy ate the corner off an ottoman today while I was writing. I would like to imagine that away!)

    1. thanks for visiting Cheri- I wouldn't trade the "mommy" for anything- sorry about your ottoman, ha. Those puppies!

  3. That could be the best header picture, ever! Thanks for allowing us to get a little lost in what you imagine!


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