Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of Year (Praise the Lord) Awards... times 2!

We made it.
Through another school year.

New house, new school, new church, new daycare, new occupational therapist, new babysitter, new dog.

That's a lot of new for kids who don't do well with transition and change.

I got to go to the school not once, but twice today- Isaiah this morning and back for Elijah in the afternoon. Even with all the new, all the extra things they had to work through,  they succeeded and earned many reasons to celebrate today.

A-B Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Handwriting, Gator of the Month, and a few others I can't recall and can't find (Isaiah has tucked them away for safe keeping).

Anxious to get this ceremony started

Miss Gills, Isaiah and Mrs. Smith

he's a little happy- officially a second-grader 

Isaiah and the love of his life, Rosie on his right.

Mr. Wilburn giving Elijah his awards

Say what?

enough of this, moving on to Third Grade

My boys worked really hard and we are so proud of them.

my probably won't forget memories today might be----

----when Pastor Jay Fields, who is Isaiah's lunch buddy said to me, "he likes the girls, he's a player that one"

and when Elijah's program was done and I went to hug him goodbye I found his arch-enemy Paris standing right next to him.  (This cutie-pie has been a thorn in his side all year long.  She's really smart, a little bossy, has great citizenship and he was sure she was the teacher's pet).  He gave me a hug, turned to her and said- "Yeah, I'm adopted" which apparently, rendered her speechless for the first time all year.

My boys are moving up- Grades 3 and 2... here we come.

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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