Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Earning the title, US Marine.

some little boys play the game

and then grow up and make it real
In January, we tearfully said good-bye to my great nephew when he left for Parris Island and became Recruit Allen Brian, 1RTBN PLT 1028 Co C. 

Nearly 13 weeks to earn the title, US Marine.

We were honored and proud to witness the transformation and celebrate with him and hundreds of others at the Charlie and Papa Companies Family Week & Graduation, Parris Island. 

Here's a few of the pictures we took.

Where are they?

waiting for the Motivational Run to start
Whitney, Allie, Keith, Sally, Ashley, Shayne & me

Moto Run 7am 04.25.13-
 it would be several hours before we could hug and talk to him

running into the sunrise

and back around again

I think Ashley's expression says it all,  don't you?
waiting to be released for liberty- Family Day 04.25.13 
spotting the family after being released

one happy Dad

and Mom

and cousin/best friend

Shayne, Brian and me

Mom and Marine

enjoying liberty with family and his first Chick-Fil-A
in 13 weeks- we won't tell how many nuggets he ate

his barracks

more in the barracks

remembering where he first stood when taking
his place that first night on the famous yellow footprints

Whitney, Allie, Daniel, Brian, Jill & Keith

Graduation Day 04.26.13

Charlie Company Platoon 1028

Pass in Review

Retiring the Guidons

Brian and Ashley ready to go home

Private B.K. Allen Jr.

Semper Fi Private Allen!

- have I told you how proud we are of you? 

Happy Tuesday, y'all,

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