Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Not so good, Danny died"

That was Elijah's response when I asked him how he was doing.

Today, we buried our friend, Daniel Taylor aka Danny or Dan the Man.  I can remember the first time I met him but can't remember life without him.  He's always been there.

From playing goofy games in our small apartments because we were too poor to go out, to moving our furniture again without ever being asked, to bringing gas to my husband after he'd ran out, to painting my mother-in-laws bedroom, to changing my son's diapers, to walking me through my husband's hospitalization- he was there.

Danny's the guy that walked through the door, flashed his famous grin, asked where his hug was, and then got to the business of doing whatever was called for.  He walked through the door for happy celebrations, heartaches, illness and death's.  His quiet presence was guaranteed. 

He loved his coffee and drank it hotter than anyone I know.  He always got the perfect amount of creamer and sugar in my cup for me.  He joyed in making our coffee for us so we'd sit and stay a little longer.  

I remember the day when Danny gave his heart to Jesus.  He was burdened for his family to also know Jesus. He openly and joyfully shared with anybody about His Lord. 

Danny was a man full of character- who chose the right thing whether anybody was looking or not.  My sister said "if you knew Danny for five minutes, you loved him" and that is a perfect summation.  He was the most selfless person I know.

He had a way of slowing life down to the pace it's supposed to be lived.  He didn't care what  people thought about him, he was interested in what God thought of him.  He loved fishing- on the river with his family or being a fisher of men. 

I'm sure when Danny got up Sunday morning he had no idea it would be his last.  He sent me a message about coming to the kids birthday party and he posted the following on Facebook before he headed to church:

"As I wake today I pray that the Our King, Jesus Christ, fills me with His Joy, Love and Grace"

The thought of Danny dying never crossed our minds.  He was 49, young and healthy and full of life. Even standing around his bed as he met Jesus, we couldn't believe it was real, and at the same time we experienced the peace that passes earthly understanding. 

But, Peace doesn't mean without pain. 

Today we celebrated his life and his love for Jesus. We laughed a little and cried a lot.  It was a beautiful worship service.  The message didn't come from his Pastor, it came from Danny himself - his life a living example of how God chose Danny to be a chain breaker. Instead of it being just about Danny, it was about Jesus and how everyone could know that they know Danny's Jesus and five people prayed to accept Jesus as their own Savior today.

Jeremiah 29:11- his favorite verse tells us God has a plan. Many times, like Danny's death it is way different than our plans.  But it is always better. 

The bookmark in his bible read- never miss an opportunity to say I love you

Danny and Julie were a beautiful example of marriage- of the two becoming one flesh.  She's shared with us how she feels like her flesh has been torn apart but she will continue to worship God and trust his plan. Her strength has not been her own and she's the first to tell you that God is holding her up and He will not let her down.   If you want to see God's grace in skin, she's your girl. 

But, Peace doesn't mean without pain. 

It'll take a while before we stop looking for Danny to walk through our door. There will be more tears and hard days to come.  But we can rejoice knowing that one day we'll get to see Danny again- and the next time it will be without tears and never  anymore goodbye's.

Until then, the Allen's sure do love and will miss him desperately.

Rex, Danny & Julie - May2012
celebrating Iris' 90th Birthday with us

Not a happy but peace filled Wednesday y'all!


  1. Beautifully written, perfectly accurate.


    p.s. I really love how he liked my cupcakes :)

  2. Thanks Sis- for everything, including your cupcakes.

  3. Just now read this for the first time. It took a while for the tears to subside enough for me to respond. Thank you for your beautiful and so-true words about Dan. Your friendship over the years has meant so much to all of us. I will keep this and cherish it always. Love you. Julie


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