Sunday, April 28, 2013

I blinked and look what happened.

This baby..
A happy baby who pushed the limits of the expected from
  • rolling over at 8 weeks
  • crawling at 5 months 
  • walking at 9 1/2 months 
  • and even graduating from high school early...



....he grew up.

(disclaimer- this is the part where I,  the momma gets to be brag on him for just a bit)
He is over 6 ft. tall now and he makes my heart flutter when he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.  He's a strong one- both physically and emotionally. 
He remembers his manners and can carry an adult conversation with integrity. 
He's a genuinely nice "redneck" kind of a guy. 
 He's tough and tender in his own skin.  (he won't like that I said that, but it's true)
He says he hates it when I sing it to him but I can't resist belting out  "you are my sunshine" when I see him. 
He brings more joy and fulfillment to my life than I could ever have imagined and made the long eight years it took to get him here worth the wait.
 I've been preparing for this day since the doctor put him in my arms yet I can't believe it's here.My son is 18 and it happened way too fast.
How do you begin to let go of someone you love so much?

I'm not sure I'll get that right, but I feel confident that if there was ever a kid ready to take on the world, this one is.
As decisions for what's next roller coaster for him I'm taking advantage of the days I have with him and enjoying every minute as a gift. 
Don't tell him that I still sneak into his room and watch him sleep, pray over him and dream big for him 'cause that might embarrass him.
Shayne Patrick Allen- Happy 18th Birthday!
You make me and your Daddy so proud. 
We pray that you'll always "make good choices" keep God first, and do everything as unto the Lord.
We love you more than you can imagine and we will be your biggest fans wherever you go, whatever you do.
Happy Sunday y'all!
p.s. these last three pictures were taken by our friend, Mary, check her out over here.. because its joy.

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