Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!

It's birthday week around the Allen house and these two are celebrating first.
Energy- never a lack of.

Mugshots- nah, but most days I wonder if they should be.

Dance- oh yes.  They don't need music to dance- they can turn it on and move and bring a smile faster than anybody I know
From different rooms in the house, they can pick up a tune and get the beat going and before you know it, they are in the same room breakin' it down (did I get that right?)
We didn't teach that.  Sadly.


Elijah gets his energy from good healthy food- like carrots and celery and anything I cook.
Isaiah gets his energy from brownies, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and "fench fies"
Bacon, did I mention Bacon?  It's a favorite for both of them.
Elijah is the tender hearted one.  He feels everything for everybody.  He could be the biggest drama king ever.  He is so smart and quick he even gets me confused if he's arguing his case.
Isaiah, he's my anger management kid.  TEMPER.... We're working hard on teaching "vengeance is mine, says the Lord" - right now he is sure the Lord wants him to get even on his own.
Isaiah loves being outside- throwing a football, building a fort, moving dirt. It doesn't matter.
Elijah is most content in front of the TV watching Netflix.
Did I mention they adore their big brother Shayne?
Baths- torture for both. 
They both already care way too much about girls and "going out"
- we didn't teach that either.
They still fall asleep in our laps most every night.  Isaiah calls it Family Fun time. 
They are more fun with each passing day and our world wouldn't be complete without them. 
Happy Birthday Elijah and Isaiah!
We sure do love you.
p.s. these awesome pictures were taken by our friend, Mary, check her out over here.. because its joy.
Happy Tuesday y'all!

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