Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I came up with the term the year I had my first mammogram followed by multiple biopsies, lumpectomy, and so on.  It wasn't just me tho, that was a yucky year in general.  So, when it was over I called it our throw-away year.  To me, it described a period of time that we would like to get rid of and never look back. 

I've used the term since then- just this week actually.  With my grandmother's death followed by my husband's unplanned hospital stay during the middle of some home remodeling that brought a few surprises that really shouldn't have been.  Really, who remodels anything without some surprises. And finally, yesterday my very ill mom being admitted to the hospital.

Someone asked me how I was doing, and I threw out that we've had a throw-away week. 

But this time it just didn't sound right.  I was convicted. 

I remembered how I'm trying to be thankful in all things, for all things.  And I was reminded that if I want to chuck the events of my life, then I'm not being very thankful. 

So I'm changing my mind (I'm a woman, we get to do that whenever we want) and won't call the events of my life throw-away after tonight.

Sometimes we get tired- physically and emotionally and we need a break.  I get that.  But even then we can find things worth holding onto and thanking God for.


the beautiful life celebrated of one who loved Jesus so
family coming together
the brother enduring new carpet allergens to hang out with us
that oh so gorgeous view from Floyd county to Roanoke, a couple of times in a few days
Dr's who firmly encourage the "dodging of bullets" and speak hard truth
the teenager who still needs me
remembering how precious my husband is to me
the new more expensive than planned floor covering old asbestos that's finally installed
emails from new church family checking in on us
a taste of spring
the sister who sat patiently for hours, just so I'd know I wasn't alone
the nurse who willingly prayed with my momma during an unpleasant procedure
encouraging texts
the sister-in-law who dropped everything to come and sit with my boys
the chicken dinner that I didn't have to cook
knowing that whatever the pathology report is, God won't be surprised
the announcement of another great-niece or nephew expected to be born in October
God is our comforter even when there are no answers

1000 Gifts #860 - #879

Now, what I would like to throw-away are the nurses who seem to have forgotten that their jobs include providing care and comfort.  A smile, a hello and some old-fashioned kindness goes a long way.  Maybe they haven't had the opportunity to be a patient yet.

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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