Sunday, March 10, 2013


Her name was Treva, but I met her as "Mommy" and whether I was supposed to call her that or not must not have mattered to her. She never told me otherwise.

I loved the way she'd take my hand and sandwich it between hers and give a little shake.  Grinning at looking me right in the eye to say how happy she was to see me.

I believed her.

She spoke with a soft tone, always.

She oozed a kindness that was sincere. 

She made the best fresh fried apple pies on earth.  For real.

A living- breathing example of selflessness.



An example of hard work and perserverance.

A husband honoring wife.

A wonderful mother and encouraging grand-mother.

And this morning- she left her tired earthly body and joined her Jesus.

Because more than anything I know about her is that she sure loved her Jesus.  

And I know He loved her too.

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints."
Psalm 116:15

She was loved by so many and I'm so glad I was priviledged to love her back. 

Until you sandwich our hands in heaven and tell us it's good to see us- you'll be greatly missed.

"Mommy" and Larry
December 2011 

Precious in the sight of the Lord, I'd bet on it.

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