Friday, March 29, 2013

FMF: Broken

It's Friday. It's another five minutes of free writing with Lisa-Jo Baker.


I've thought about her all week.  I wonder what was it about her that God knew He could trust her to be completely broken and still love Him. 

She watched as they mistreated him.  Called him names.  Accused him.  After-  He had healed the sick, brought sight to the blind, taught, loved and gave hope to the hopeless. 

She watched his own brothers make fun of him and walk away not believing. 

And then, she watched them beat him, put a crown of thorns on his head and hang him on a cross. She watched her baby boys blood spill out for me.  For you.  For her.

And she still loved Him.  The God who chose this for His own son- so that in our brokenness could  have life.

I think about her and what must have been going through her mind while surely she thought her own heart was breaking into.

Broken was required before we could be whole. And she, Jesus' momma Mary set the example for us all of how to be broken and still love and trust.

It's Friday but Sunday's coming- broken no more!


  1. THe longer I am a mother, the more I appreciate this story...

  2. As I focus on the crucifixion story this week I am drawn back to Luke 2:19 "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart". As she stood at the foot of the cross did the words of the angel come back to her? Did those word finally move from her head to her heart? Did she now see Him not only as her son but now to be her Savior? Being a mother change our view on Christ in so many ways.


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