Sunday, March 24, 2013

A little remodel goes a long way!

We're fairly new homeowners you know. 
And thrilled.

But not so thrilled with the kitchen.

So instead of a pool, my beloved talked me into a little remodel.
little bigger than anticipated kitchen project.

Here's where we started just before we moved in, pre-appliances.

stove wall, and entry to pantry

main corner wall- doorway left to dining, right to living room
refrigerator, after installed made using corner cabinetry challenging

Adam was our contractor- he was awesome.  If you need somebody let me know, I'll share his number. 

Here are a few pictures just after we got started.

photo taken from pantry doorway- refrigerator moved and cabinets
added where refrigerator had been

The floor was the most challenging.  It seems nobody wants to mess with asbestos.  And who knew it was there... except everybody but us. A big shout out to James and his team, who walked us through what had to be done and did an excellent job installing our new kitchen floor. 

This quick and easy job became a little more challenging since our family experienced a death, a couple of hospital stays and a nasty stomach bug so I'm happy to announce we're officially done.

I know this, because I cooked a full meal today- including dessert.  It was the first time in my new kitchen.   Robin's spaghetti has christened the new kitchen as done. 
And it not only looks great (my opinion, you don't have to agree) but it functions even better.  Oh how a little extra counter-top can bring some happy - happy- happy to a girl!

Here's our finished kitchen.

main corner wall

stove wall, with new pantry door

view from pantry door- before new floor 

and my floor

Yes indeed, I love my new kitchen and what is the best part - besides the floor, the new storm door, the sink, back-splash, knobs, the extra cabinets and counter- space you ask. 
 Oh, you know you were asking.

The best part- it's paid for. And that is a good feeling.

BTW- thanks to my beloved, this is a much better choice than a pool, Really! I'm sure. :)

Happy Sunday y'all!

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