Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Georgia on my mind.

As mentioned waaay back at Christmas, my husband gave me the coolest present ever.

A girls only get-away with my best friend.
Anywhere I wanted to go.
Five days.
No guilt, no payback.
Just because he loved me.

After stressing for a few weeks trying to figure out where, when and what, I decided on Savannah, GA.  The weather forecast was helpful in the decision making and since neither Teri nor I had ever been before, it seemed like a good chance to take.

Without making y'all all jealous and sinful in your hearts, I'll just do a quick summary.
Slept late(r than normal), ate what we wanted, when we wanted, where we wanted, as often as we wanted which included a stop at Paula Dean's restaurant and her fried chicken. Enjoyed the Palm trees that didn't have coconuts on them :)  Rode trolleys, took tours.  Dug our toes in the sand and soaked up the sun on Tybee Island.  We shopped outlets and boutiques.  We may have spent an entire evening in our own beds covered with down watching HGTV.  We enjoyed a few meals overlooking the Savannah River and each had a 50 minute massage, and mani-pedi's in the wonderful on-site spa.  Which was a big help relieving the turn-about trauma that seemed to show up everywhere we went.  And what is it about those fluffy white robes and ugly plastic sandals that makes a gal feel all girly and special?

We had a blast!

You say Palmetto, I say PALM trees. Yay for both.
Touring the Isaiah Davenport house
the BFF, she'll hate this picture but will forgive me for using it
 'cause I like it
coolest door, just happens to be inside
 the bathroom stall at Lady & Sons

Lady and Sons- dinner buffet

Me & Teri - the only picture we got of us together
View of Savannah River from our hotel balcony

a little thank you in the sand

And then it was time to come home which meant trading the 80 degree sunshine for soaking, cold rain.

And discovering someone had stolen the Green Machines the boys got for Christmas.
And getting our first real winter storm and loosing electricity for an evening.
And spending a lot of time with my mother-in-law who was admitted to the hospital last Thursday. 

I've crammed a lot of appointments into the last week, including financial planners, occupational therapists, dentists, chiropractors, doctors and pool installers.   

Because I needed to get as much done as possible before starting a new job Monday where "hit the ground running" feels a little like an understatement. (which is okay, because I'm happy happy happy Jack) 

There's been no time for writing or cleaning or blogging or much else, so I'd be a lying if I didn't confess that GA is on my mind.  Yes indeed, a repeat of the massage and laying on the warm beach sure would be wonderful 'bout now.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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