Monday, December 31, 2012

Ending out 2012.

Today was my last day of employment at WellPoint.  After 14+ years with the company, on November 29th I was told by phone that my job was being eliminated.

And just like that everything changed. Again. 

My first day at Anthem August 19, 1998 Gidget stood in front of us newbies and drawing a big C with her finger in the air told us matter-of-factly that if we couldn't handle change, we were in the wrong place.

The one thing consistent in my 14 years with the company was change.

From acquisitions to job roles to reporting to managers- change came fast and furious.  And, I learned early to never burn bridges because you never know who your next boss will be.

I went to work to provide health benefits and income for my family.  Starting in customer service I worked my way up without college, but by working hard and giving 100% or more.  And in return, my job gave me several promotions and many opportunities I never dreamed of. One such opportunity, was to be able to travel.  I was able to go to California, Louisiana, Denver, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and stopped over in Atlanta, Charlotte and Chicago many times. 

I met some really awesome people and got to live life with co-workers who became friends.  Together, we witnessed 9/11, the VA Tech shootings and Health Care Reform.  That's all I got to say about that.  We have laughed together and cried together. 

These people loved me through breast cancer and the foster to adoption of my sons, and that's just a couple examples.

They inspired me to take chances, dream bigger dreams, share ideas, live my passions and that it is okay laugh out loud during staff meetings. 

But I learned that in the end it's not the classes, travel, metrics met or reports given, overtime and endless hours of meetings that is most important; because at any time any one of us can get that phone call announcing that we are no longer part of the organization.

Which makes me more thankful for the bosses who encouraged me to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up, what my passions are and how they can be part of my day at the same time they were encouraging me keep the first things first.

I am sad today.  Sad because I have built relationships that are of great value and I will miss these people every day.  

As far as the job, I know that God is in control and while I was shocked to learn the news, He wasn't.  He has it all planned out, I just need to wait on Him.

So as I say goodbye to Anthem- I do so with a sense of pride in the person I grew up to be. 

2012 is over and so is my job.  But with 2013  just around the corner  I can't wait to see what's ahead. 

Happy New Year!

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