Sunday, December 2, 2012

Doing Different- Thanksgiving 2012.

This past week has been very different for us.

We, just the five of us, took off, flew the coop, left town for the holiday.  We totally broke tradition. We spent our Thanksgiving in a hotel in Arlington, VA . 

Instead of hosting our family for lunch and our friends for dinner on Thanksgiving- we grabbed lunch at Subway. 
Instead of spending hours cooking and sitting around the living room we rode the subway, walked around Arlington National Cemetery, watched the changing of the guard and feasted on burgers and fries for dinner at the hotel before swimming and relaxing in the hot tub.

Sadly, there was no pumpkin pie to be found.

Instead of fighting the crowds for Black Friday shopping- we fought the crowds at the Natural Science and American History Museums at the Smithsonian. We listened to street musicians play buckets and meandered around the Washington Monument. 

Instead of putting up our Christmas tree, drinking egg nog and laying on the couch watching the twinkling lights, we wandered among the crowds at the Holocaust Museum, watched testimonials and read details of people who lived and died under Hitler's rule.  

Instead of calling the people we always call to share Thanksgiving wishes, we went 5 days without being able to text or talk to anyone because we had no cell phone service.

Instead of vacationing with friends it was just us. 
No agenda, no plan, no schedule. 
Just us together doing whatever we felt like; definitely different than the rush, rush we're used to.

And it was good.  Really good. 

And then we came home to what we thought our week would be.   

Instead of being selfish as normal my kids shared. 
Their virus. 
All of them. 
Even shared with the Daddy.

Our schedules were shot but at least work was the same. 

Until Thursday.

When I was invited to a mandatory meeting and told by phone that my job was eliminated. 

Okay, now I'm feeling sick. 

Yep, that's a whole lot of different for one week don't you think? .


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