Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'll take Dentist for two, please.


The word makes most of us cringe and brings strong feelings of uneasiness to the pits of our tummies.

After a very bad experience at Small Smiles while the boys were still in foster care, they weren't too thrilled about going today either.   Okay, Elijah was a little happy about getting to pick his toothpaste.  Isaiah, stone cold.  

It has taken me months to get them an appointment with a pediatric specialist that would take both our insurances.   And I was a little anxious it might be a similar experience to our first.  

I'm happy to say it was worth the wait.

Hollywood's a pro.

Elijah and Melissa

Isaiah was a little more nervous.

Tammy was great at calming him

The boys with Dr. Jones

The staff was friendly and put the boys at ease. 
Well, as much as Isaiah ever gets at ease.

Dr. Jones even impressed me and I'm tough to impress when it comes to my kids. 
I left comfortable with the treatment plan and without that sick feeling in my stomach I had after their first dental visits to SS in 2009.

And that, is a very good thing since we're going to be seeing a lot of our new friends.

My favorite quote of the day followed Elijah's response to Melissa that he did in fact like school. I expected her next question, "what's your favorite subject"  to which he wasted no time in answering,  

"takin away"

It took her a while but she figured it out.  Can you?

Happy Tuesday y'all!

(disclaimer- I called out Small Smiles intentionally. I do not recommend them in any circumstance and I would never take my kids back again)

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