Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

scaring Aunt Nae

Gangster Zombie

Teen Werewolf

Shayne- the cool big brother who spent his evening with us when he didn't have too.

my favorite 3 kids in the world

Trick or Treating at Meemaw's, a tradition we started with Shayne, 17 years ago 

Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood


Isaiah found another wolf

The parents goofing off while the kids play at New Hope's Trunk or Treat

The boys were really into it this year- no longer afraid to say Trick or Treat and Thank You to strangers, but still a little scared of all the decorations- especially moving ones.  They kept saying this is creepy.  But my favorite quote of the night was Isaiah's, when he'd happen upon a living breathing adult in costume and say "hey, you're not a decoration, I know."

Thanks Aunt Teri for tracking us down to bring treats
And lastly, a special shout out to Aunt Nae who not only made us pumpkin chocolate chip muffins from scratch this afternoon (insert YUMMY) but also had homemade cook it on the stove not from a packet hot chocolate waiting for us when we got home tonight. 

Happy Halloween y'all!

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