Friday, August 3, 2012

The Big Move of 2012

A week ago today we officially began living in our dream house.  In that time, we did not:

move our clothes not once, but twice into the same closets
hire movers for the first time in 23 moves and know beyond knowing it was the best thing ever
leave the sunroof open on our packed full van during not one but 3 rainstorms on moving day
tear carpet off the stairs out from under the feet of the movers we instantly adored while they carried our furniture up the same stairs
get a new puppy 2 days after moving in, 'cause that would be just crazy
sleep less than 20 hours in 6 nights
visit, purchase from and return items to Lowe's at least once, sometimes twice a day for the past week
take advantage of our handy friend JJ and his creative wife Teri
mow two yards
paint the patio
paint the bench
have a 7 yr old ride and wreck a dirt bike for the first time
have a 17 yr old ride too fast and flip same dirt bike leaving a trail of scabs from elbow to wrist
hang cabinets in the laundry room
discover a leak in our upstairs bathroom, which led to a stain and a hole in our new dining room ceiling
miss the first days of the Olympics because Cox cable somehow messed up our work order leaving us without Internet, phone or cable for nearly 4 days and still waiting for total correction
get a new phone number without being told
love on Peanut in the middle of chaos
discover the toad who has lived in the closet on the porch for like, ever
meet our new mailman, Jeff who was hand delivering mail to my kitchen door since we didn't have a mailbox yet
install a new garbage disposal
put in a safe place that we can no longer find brand new wall decals
catch my kids having fun
and start painting the living room, dining room and main bathroom. 


Happy Friday y'all!

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