Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm out of Sorts, I tell you.

Sometime between move 20 and move 23, I lost some things.

moving expertise.




I'm sad to report it's been 2 1/2 weeks since the big move, and I still have boxes.

and bags.

and box springs.

and pictures.

and coat hangers.  oh the coat hangers.  I think they were fruitful and multiplied on the moving van.

and a trunk full of stuff I don't know where it will go yet.

and plastic lids escaping from most any cabinet door in my kitchen.

It's gone. 

My ability to unpack all boxes, hang pictures and convince the world we hadn't moved in the last 24 hours-

that is so 20 years ago. 

Not just the boxes and the hangers, I'm behind on the things I enjoy--like blogging.  There's so much  to tell you.

Things like-

  • if you're going to take Pinterest's idea for writing notes on your washin' machine for the one coming behind you to correctly toss wet clothes in the dryer.. be sure it's not the Permanent marker you grab from the kids art easel.

  • having a sister who is a  rodent virgin, is, well - entertaining.   How do you get to be 40 something having never seen or heard a mouse before?

  • having wide open spaces for my kids to explore, and hunt, and shoot guns (Nerf and Pop) and corral creatures makes this momma smile.

  • the friends who keep coming back and staying till midnight to fix holes from leaky bathtubs and move thermostats, well what a blessing they are. 
I look at the mess to be dealt with and just want to put on my PJ's, snuggle in my front porch rocking chair and watch the traffic go by. 
There's plenty of  time right?  Right.  because I'm surely not planning another move anytime soon.  EVER.

But, sometimes great wisdom is found hiding inside a box that's been screaming my name for weeks.  Like tonight, when I got really motivated, for a minute, and found the scribbled note - this quote from Shayne, dated 9-12-04, 8:11 p.m.

"I know the way to live because I do what y'all do."

No pressure, huh.

Happy Wednesday y'all, my front porch is calling my name.

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