Monday, June 4, 2012

The thoughts in my head are swirling but I can't make sense of any of them.  There's the middle child yet again obsessed with  Mommy T., or the mom-in- law situation, or the last few days of school and figuring out childcare, or the big dozers in the back yard to fix the mud pit again, or the BIG - REALLY BIG DECISION and summer changes coming, or the new baby we've still not seen and the multiple graduations, and the upcoming family reunion complicated by the mom-in-law situation, oh and the wedding plans. 

So much to think about right now my brain is screaming stop.  So, I will. 

I prefer to think about my Shayne, who in the few hours he was actually home last weekend opted to go out and buy a gift for his two younger brothers so he could play with them. 

And so we did.  Play.  Run.  Enjoy the park on a Saturday afternoon.  Chase each other.  Laugh and even strike out. 

Now if that doesn't make a swirling brain a little happy I don't know what will. 

1000 Gifts #811- 825

praying for the Nester's in a comfy living room filled with friends and family in Christ
kids running everywhere
mowing the grass on a working riding mower
big brother playing with little brother
sunny Saturday afternoons
boys chasing mommy around the bases 
adventures in the woods
vision to see past the mess
her late night calls to Momma Allen
remembering God's grace
fresh blackberry cobbler
coffee with Leahanne after a month's break
forever friends and celebrating life's minutes together
seeing Artie & Sherry after way too long

What 'ya thankful for?

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