Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Daddy is the best!

Three sons who think know their Daddy is the best.

because of all you do....
like vacuuming, and taking us to appointments, and cleaning the bathroom, and picking up the ketchup from Kroger, and mowing the grass, and wrestling when you're tired, for singing us songs and so much more!

because of who you are...
caring and hard-working, funny, determined, and the most giving person we know.

because you teach us ...
hard work pays off

and that family is more important than riches, and friendship more precious than things and that Jesus loves us most and He is the answer for everything.

yep, uh-huh we've got the best Daddy in the world,  right here at 5ALLENZ
(and our Mommy couldn't agree more)

Happy Father's Day- we love you!

Shayne, Elijah, Isaiah & Mommy

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