Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big Decisions and Our Dream House.

We've decided to move.

I didn't want to move.

We've moved.
a lot.

All for good reasons. 
still a lot.

Don't believe me?
it started in June '86 and went something like this:
Bullitt Ave. Rke to University Blvd Kingsport, Tn to Buena Vista to Day to Highland to Willow River Apts in April 1989.  Now, if you are familiar with those apartments, they were known for flooding, so when Hurricane Hugo came through- well you can figure it out.  In September, after Hugo we moved to Kenwood, then Rameys MHP, then to Buena Vista with my momma-in-law, then to the Mews (apt) then again at the Mews (townhouse) so we could be foster parents - and we were.  Then in '93 we bought a house on Buena Vista (and lost it during bankruptcy)so we moved to Westwind Apts, then to Ruddell Road, the back to Bullitt Ave, then to another house on Buena Vista- next to my momma-in-law- then to Sans Souci Apts- then to another floor at Sans Souci Apts- then to the little blue house on Sanderson.  We were there just long enough for me to have double-mastectomies and reconstruction- then because God told us to, we moved to Archway Road on the mountain.  Believe it or not, we stayed there for five years.  Archway was God's plan to get our boys to us.  Then, to Glade Creek Apts- then to Buckland Mill Road

Whew- did you count?  I've been counting for 26 years- and we're at:  22.
And we were content.

But, we weren't in our dream home.  But content. 

Fast forward to November, when my brother and sister-in-law purchased an old farmhouse at auction.  I've been hearing about the house for months, and didn't pay much attention.  Remember, we were content. 

Sometimes that's when God drops blessings in your life, when you're not looking for them.  And besides, did I say we didn't want to move.  Again.

I kept hearing about this house---how it'd be perfect for kids to grow up in, and it was in the city but in the country, and- how it would be perfect for two families.  Well, we aren't two families but we do have kids and love the country. 

Rex and I have always dreamed of an old farmhouse to grow old in- and what's better than an old house that's is being totally remodeled?  Nothing. 

Not exactly sure how the ball started rolling, but like most of the good things in our life, we just started talking one night about "the house" and we asked to see it.  One thing led to another, and here we are.   God has opened the doors for us to buy this house from my brother-in-law.  In His time, God's giving us our dream house. And we weren't even looking for it. 

We're so excited to have 6 bedrooms.  SIX!

I can't wait to tell my boys- Go to your room!  and they go to separate spaces. 
The adrenaline is rushing just thinking about it. 

Oh, and the woods and red maple trees and the deer in the yard and the creek.  And a laundry room and attic and wrap around porch.  

Want to take a tour? 

outdoor storage on porch


attic- he's happy to be there, really he is.

most likely will be our office

upstairs bathroom built-in.  The counter and sink are being replaced,
but I do love this space.

Isaiah claimed this for his room, the first time he saw it.

Shayne's space- the biggest room in the house.

Living room (that's the kitchen to the right)

the hub- the center of the house downstairs, and most
likely the dining room. 

Elijah's room

downstairs full bath

Our room

side porch- 3 doors (storage far left, separate upstairs entrance
center, and kitchen entrance straight ahead).

Our dream house
the view from across the street- Bible Baptist's Church parking lot

I look at the mess and see the potential.  I see roosters and sunflowers in the kitchen, the kids piled up on the couch in the living room, and the bedrooms bursting with life.  I see family pictures on the walls, and country curtains and rockers on the porch.  I see blessings.
I see life.  An extra life.

Yes, we're bringing reinforcements with us when we move. 
My sister- AKA Aunt Nae is moving in with us.
She lived with us for a short time about 5 years ago, and it worked.  And we miss her.
And she's such a part of our lives, it makes sense to share our home. 
We'll get to be a blessing to each other.

So, the two family house won't be. 
It will be one family with different names living together being and enjoying God's blessings that isn't stuff, but in the people we get to love and invest in.
We're getting our own Uncle Charlie Aunt Bea Hazel Aunt Nae and we couldn't be more excited. 

And just in case you can't see past the mess- I'll post new pics once we get all moved in.
ugh, did I say moved.  again.

where is the phone number for those movers?

Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. Fun recap! Fun adventure!

    NONFUN moving.

    At least we'll be doing it together :)

  2. :) and I realized I didn't have a picture of your room-- oh well. we'll just post the pretty one later. ha!


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