Monday, May 14, 2012

A Week's Worth of Thanks, in a Simple List.

1000 Gifts #781-800

decompressing on the brother Dale's front porch
watching her light up when she holds Delaney- 90 yrs her junior
her snoring... telling me she's sleeping and still
the graduate- Jeremy Naff- and watching friends and family rejoice with him
really good cupcakes 
Audrey and Elijah- cousins playing on the edge of love and dislike- mostly love
another Friday night gift of snuggling with her
sensible PJ's for our early am journey "home"
90 years of life- celebrated in her home
5 generations together on one couch
sister-in-laws whispering I Love You in  my ear, and the gift of loving them back
answered prayers
sharing tears in our sadness
together, putting one foot in front of the other
means to surprise a sister, Godmother,teacher, friend with a special gift
Baby Christian's safe arrival
Hope whispered in many ears - with my momma beside me

Happy Monday y'all!

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