Monday, April 30, 2012

"Three Best" and Finding Thanks in the Hard.

It's Monday- the day I link up to a holy experience and continue to count the things I will give thanks to God for.  Big things and little.  Ann calls it eucharisteo. Sometimes, hard eucharisteo.
It's the same for all of us.  The highs and lows of life.  The joy of a new babies born, promises to love forever, and birthday boys.  And, the lows that shouldn't take us by surprise-buckle our knees underneath us- but they do. 

She calls them her three best, Steve, Dale & Rex.  "The three best boys any mom could have."  She calls us her three best, the three best daughters-in-law a momma could have for her boys.  She tells any who will listen, and who can argue, she's momma after all.

We joined her list of the best years, even decades apart.

Ona came first. She got the oldest son. The determined one. He's the one who can take nails and boards and a plan and turn them into crafted walls many now call home. Last year they celebrated 50 years of marriage. 

Brenda was next. I'm told the first time she came to the house was Christmas Eve, proving she did in fact exist. She got the musician. The one who's smooth voice and guitar strummin brings smiles and peace and guaranteed requests for "Courting in the Rain." They're approaching 45 years of marriage.

Nearly 20 years later, I got the baby.  The one who's heart is big as ever and would do anything for anybody.  The one who treasures family and tradition and because of that will be the one to some day soon master making rolls, just like mommas.   We're getting ready to celebrate year 26.

I'm not sure I can remember the very first time the three of us met, but I dare never forget the shopping trip for my wedding flowers.  Ona in the driver's seat- we grabbed hold of each other for dear life and we've never let go.

We are bonded not just by the men we've loved for greater than 100 years combined but by their momma.  She 'cepted us all like we are and has loved us like her own.  She has become ours.

Tomorrow, her three best will sit 'round her kitchen table and tell her that life is changing.  It won't be easy, but together we will love her through the hard.  We will love our men through the hard.  And we'll do it, because she's our best.  And we love her. 

And even in this new hard that seems to have life hidden in a fog there is still much to be thankful for.

1000 Gifts#770-780

Friday night chat in her bed
family tight
Delaney Jean
hearing him snore
friends who've been down the road, to encourage us as we begin
radio songs that comfort
God is faithful still
having coffee with my 7 yr old
inflatable light sabers and the boys who swing them
birthday candles

What 'ya thankful for?

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  1. Words and passion are the brush strokes of our life pictures. This piece is a good potrait of our life at this point. Let's pray for brighter hues and happier scences in our future works. Keep telling the stories.

    The Strummer


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