Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This boy....he's 6 today!

This boy....

he contemplates everything
likes his fro as tall as he can get it
and recently has begun to break into song without warning

has the cutest feet ever -
and has just learned to tie his shoes... but hates to wear them laced up

adores his "bubby" and is the only person alive that "bubby" (aka Shayne) allows to call him that

he's known for wearing his favorite shirt, pants and socks day after day and because he's so stinkin' cute, I wash them for him most every night. 

he's the baby and he knows it
he's soft hearted and big energy and
he's already bringing girls phone numbers home in his pocket.

he's the master of facial expressions
and keeps up laughing 'bout all the time.

I look at him and can hardly believe he's mine

and today- is his day.  

Happy 6th Birthday Zita(Isaiah) we love you, baby!

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