Monday, April 2, 2012

God is God, and I am Not.

It's been one of those weeks of emotional highs and lows. Not so much my own, but in the lives of people I love dearly.

My brother's best friends unexpectedly buried their 29 year old son this week.
The sister, of one of our pastor's wives was diagnosed with lung cancer- a mother of 4, just 34 years old.
My sweet Shanna- who was an instant friend- who moved away- who buried her husband 6 years ago- who exampled Godly married love-in-love till death do us part love- married her sweet Jim on Saturday.  What I would have given to have been there in body, as I was in heart.

It didn't make sense for Troy to die so young.  It doesn't make sense that Aaron died so young. It doesn't make sense for young momma's to get cancer.

It doesn't make sense that women I know are craving children in their womb, while others kill the unborn without thought.

It doesn't make sense that the age when life starts to get good, we forget all and who is in our life.

Sometimes, there is no sense to the madness.
Sometimes, you just pick up the phone and cry together.
Sometimes, you pray together.
Sometimes, you laugh together.
Sometimes, you do it all at the same time.

It doesn't make sense.

But I know- and I was reminded in Sunday School, as we study Randy Alcorn's If God is Good.

God is God, and I am not.  
He doesn't owe me an explanation.  
I don't need to know why, I just need to understand Who. 

I'm thankful, that I know Him, and in the midst of the madness, I can simply say,
Daddy- help, and He does.  

I pray that you know Him and the peace He gives that passes all understanding.

I'm still counting, 1000 Gifts #733-753

falls without broken bones
5 year old dancing with his own shadow in the sunshine
neighbors to dog-sit
the baby steps of progress - because she loves him
her encouragement, with new understanding of my life
mid-day visit with my husband
the excitement learning of termites brings to little boys
name your own Priceline  deals
Palm Sunday
taking communion with the man I love, remembering the Man who loved us
the Cross, the Blood
God is God, and I am not
the joy of my friends wedding day
Daddy's who sing their son's home
God's provision and answered prayers in the midst of grief
spaghetti shared with friends
play dates- at their house

What y'all thankful for?

Happy Monday y'all.

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  1. Great list! Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like the hard eucharisteo...and yet much joy knowing HE is always good!
    Have a blessed week.


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