Saturday, April 28, 2012

Girls Night on Buena Vista

It was about 8:30 pm, bedtime.  But last night I wasn't tucking in my rowdy brown skinned boys, I'm tucking in my soon to be 90 yr old mom-in-law. 

May 6th, her birthday.  She don't like to talk about that, no matter how good a day she is having. 

She climbs into bed much like Isaiah.  It's a funny work out to get her comfortable and settled.  We giggle.

Tonight she knows it's her bed but she is convinced it is no longer in her own house.  She wants to go home, and asks me repeatedly- "when did they do this to me?"

This, in her mind is moving her and her furniture into a new house without telling her.  And she's impressed that "they" moved it in exactly like it was.  In a strange way, it is as if she is foretelling what is to come, living it in advance of reality.

The decisions are hard. painful. dreaded.  decisions no child ever wants to be faced with.

I kiss her and tell her goodnight.  She wants to make sure I have enough covers, again. She holds onto my hand and I hold hers; a little longer than usual. 

I go back into the den and settle into her chair.  I check Facebook, and surf the limited cable options.  I mostly just sit and think. 

It's now nearly 10pm and I still hear her and I know she hasn't been to sleep yet so I check on her. 
Having trouble sleeping? Yes, always do. 
Climb in?  she asks. 

I hesitate for only a second and realizing what a gift she offering, find a spot next to her.  We talk.  She asks how I feel about Shaynie Pain getting married.  I'm thrilled she remembers him telling her.  She reminisces about Hersey; my husband's Daddy, her husband.  I tell her about how he'd pick me up from work those many years ago and would intentionally scare me, and then snicker.  We both talk about his cowboy hat and his chewing tobacco.  We figured out that they would be married 75 years this year, if he had lived.  The conversation hops from from farming, and school, and Old Dogs, her kids, cooking, how she misses mowing the yard and how blessed she's been.  I confess I like her creamed Lima's and peas better than her rolls.  She chuckles.  Time seemed to slow almost to a stand still.  I wanted it to stop completely.  To hang out in these moments of memories and laughter.  But as quick as the chat began it ended with her reverting back to the question that seems to haunt her these days, "when did they do this to me? 

I tuck her in again. 
Does she know.  Will she remember tomorrow? 

We know.  We will remember.  I can't show sadness, not yet.  For now, we're just having Friday sleepovers.  Time I'll treasure. 

Will she remember?  Maybe not.  I plan to never forget.

She told me how God blessed her with 3 sons, who married the best.
I'm the one who feels blessed.  Blessed to be one of her 3 best daughters -in-laws, even if she does forget our names. 

She was busy during the night so we were up early this morning. 

Me and Iris- a couple of hot great-greats

We took a picture to celebrate new beginnings. 
Today was the first full day of us being Great-Greats. 
Delaney Jean, her first great-great grandchild and my first great-great niece was born yesterday.  

5 generations of blessed. 

Happy Saturday y'all.

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