Monday, April 16, 2012

Counting Thanks on Vacation.

We've just got back from 11 days vacation.  I didn't realize I wouldn't have Internet (blog) access while we were gone or I would have warned you. 
While we were relaxing in the sand life was changing back home.  Our schedules are a bit off  since we are trying to adjust to our new normal which includes loving a parent with Alzheimer's.  I'll be back on track soon.

Until then, no matter where I am I can still find reasons to give thanks.  

1000 Gifts #751-769

him wanting what was once mine
Easter morning, oceanfront
little boys running in the surf
new friends, even if just for a day
waking up to the sunrise
no alarm clock for 11 mornings
lunches and dinners with our family in Florida 
night walks on the beach with lifelong friends
making memories- para sailing with my Shayne
chocolate covered strawberries in the sunshine
indescribable sunsets
Teri & Jay's 24 years- and loving them through them all
Leahanne's trek across town on a Tuesday
1817 safe miles driven
three to share the driving of the 1817 safe miles
neighbors trustworthy
she knew me, for a while
brother and sister (in-law) making the hard decisions
sleeping in my own bed

What 'ya thankful for?

1 comment:

  1. I'm thankful for Pepsi delivered early and a sister who knows how to love...


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